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What is Merishop

Merishop is a integrated shop for products and services delivery at centres across India.Merishop helps to connect the rural and semi-urban towns in India through assisted ecommerce, financial and non-financial services. We have developed strength in the fields of product and service aggregation, distribution and payment processing/collections for a number of product categories and services like Mobiles, Tablets, Computers, Electronics, Books, Stationery, Home Furnishing, Sports, Health, Wellness, Mens & Womens Fashion, Mobile Recharges, Money transfer, Bill Pay, Travel Services like Bus, Train and Air Ticket booking, Insurance and various others G2C and B2C services.

Merishop centres are franchisee led single point centres in your town that cater to the local market for various needs. Apart from being the utility centre in its neighbourhood, Merishop also bridges the gap between employer and employee by registering the youth in job placement services.

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