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Merchant Income Projection

Avg Sale Value
Bill Pay
General Insurance
Life Insurance
PAN Card
Bus Ticket
Air Ticket
Hotel Booking
Total Earning Potential Per Month :
10% TDS will be applicable on the income payout

First Year Earning Projection

We assume that it will take some time for you to get handson with the business, its systems, gather clients and make a name. Based on these assumptions, to give you a realistic figure, we believe you won't be achiving 100 percent of your potential from the first month itself but will gradually peak in your performance.

Please note, this is a assumption based on realistic scenario. Your actual earnings depend on your ability to reach out and thereby you can start earning much more than what we predict.

Projected First Year Earning :  
The above chart is only an indicative earning in the first year based on calculations and forecastings done in a realistic scenario. Actual earnings can deviate from the above forecast and company holds no responsibility for the same.